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Tools For Everyday Problems

Fouts Innovation & Design: Turning Thoughts Into Ideas At Work.


Our passion is to simplify common problems to make life easier.


(No Disassembly Required)

The #1 Innovative Tool

For The Everyday Problem Of Removing Human Hair, Pet Hair, String, Carpet Fibers, and Much More from Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush !

Push  Pull  Cut

It's That Easy !!!

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A time-saving tool specifically produced for farmers to make baling easier.

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VacHook® Mini

The VacHook Mini is a metal, multi-use cutting tool, that easily removes hair from vacuum cleaners and can remove tangled debris from many other objects, saving time, maintenance and repair costs.

How it works

Meet the Innovation Specialist, Bryan Fouts

Life shouldn't be complicated when it comes to our basic, everyday tasks. I founded Fouts Innovation and Design to eliminate the frustration associated with some of the menial tasks we're all faced with from time to time.

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Lower Maintenance Costs by doing it yourself   Spend less time cleaning vacuum and more time vacuuming 

Helps reduce the spread of germs and particles, clean vacuum will operated 80% more efficiently and pick up more debris faster taking less time vacuuming.

Safer than using scissors and knives and won't damage roller brush !

Removes all debris from roller brush without disassembly.

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