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Meet Bryan Fouts

The Innovation Specialist

So, there I was, looking back and forth between my dirty vacuum and the mess my kids left on the carpet. After vacuuming the last time, all of my pet’s hair had clogged up the roller brush. In the past I had tried to use scissors and knives to clean the roller brush, but they didn’t get to all the hair unless I took the vacuum apart. Then they would scratch the roller bar creating a spot that hair would start catching on almost immediately. I knew there had to be an easier way.

It was out of that frustration I designed and crafted the first Vac Hook from a simple household bolt. I fine-tuned it until it worked perfectly, and then I threw it in a drawer. The next day, it dawned on me that other people had the same issue I did. I knew it had saved me money by not having to take my vacuum to a service center for another cleaning, and

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others would also appreciate that as well.


I then thought about how to make this product on a mass scale to get it out to those who need it. I wanted it to never break and be easy to use. I wanted it to do the job faster than traditional ways without disassembling the vacuum. All of that meant it needed to be of a good quality metal--NOT PLASTIC. 

After that, I created The Vac Hook (patent pending) as you know it. The Vac Hook’s simple, long-lasting design turns a routinely dirty and disgusting job into a manageable, cleaner task. Plus, it's faster and easier than ever to clean the roller.

In fact, I actually find it kind of fun waiting for hair to build up so that I can use the tool over and over again.

Hi, I’m Bryan, the The Innovation Specialist behind Fouts Innovation and Design, and the amazing product, The Vac Hook™ (No Disassembly Required).

I created this first flagship product to make your life easier. Turning thoughts into “Ideas At Work” is my focus--and my passion is to simplify common problems to make your life easier.

Get your Vac Hook™ today!

The Vac Hook® (No Disassembly Required)

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, the VacHook™ is built to last.

Quickly and Easily Clean Your Vacuum Roller of... Pet Hair, Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, Carpet Fibers, Cotton String, Fishing Line, and more!

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