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The #1 Tool to Remove Hair
From Vacuum Rollers!

ONLY 19.99!

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What People Say About the VacHook

The Vac Hook was easy to use and worked great ! We all shed terribly and the vac hook made it simple to clean the roller brush of our vacuum. It sure beats sitting on the floor with a pair of scissors!

- Judy S.

The Vac Hook is super high quality and I am impressed how well it works. I’ve got 2 large shedding dogs and our poor vacuum needs all the help it can get. This gets the hair out of the roller quickly and easily. It takes a fraction of the time than when I tried to use scissors or a crochet hook. I love it and highly recommend it!

- Shawnee W.

I was surprised how well the Vac Hook worked! It made my job of cleaning out the hair a piece of cake. I would recommend this product to everyone!

- Jamie S.

“This past Christmas, all of our kids and their spouses were back for a couple of weeks.  After everyone had left, I did my ritual cleaning of our home which included vacuuming all of the bedrooms and bathrooms.  Once I had finished with the upstairs, I started in downstairs when my 2 year old vacuum cleaner just stopped completely.  I realized it was overheated.  I laid it down to take a look at the brush roller and found a thick layer of hair was tightly wound around it.  With four women in the house and three of them with long hair, apparently a lot of hair was shed!  This was the first time I had ever used the VacHook and I couldn’t believe how easily and quickly it cut through and pulled off that thick layer of long hair!  Now I clean the hair off of my brush roller on a regular basis with my VacHook.  It’s the perfect tool!”

- Elaine C.

VacHook Video

Effortlessly Clean Your Vacuum!

This stainless-steel tool removes pet hair, human hair, synthetic hair, carpet fibers, cotton, string, fishing line, and more from vacuum roller bars!

The VacHook® Features

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Lower Maintenance Costs


Reduces strain on the motor and belts for fewer needed replacement parts.

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Stay safe!


Using scissors and knives risk personal injury!

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Less Time Vacuuming


Clean vacuums pick up 80% more dirt quicker than a dirty one.

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Helps reduce the spread of germs and particles.


Save yourself even more time cleaning that disassembly would release.


No vacuum disassembly required!


Save time and yourself a headache by no longer needing to take your vacuum apart!

A safe and ergonomic design for ease of use.
Prevents damage of the beater bar from using scissors & knives.
Promotes more routine cleaning.
Durability Guarantee: This tool is made of high quality stainless steel.
Check out the VacHook® in action!
More love for this amazing tool!

Love the Vac Hook, had a problem with picking up debris, used the Vac Hook and now my vacuum works like new again.

- Hud J.

Great tool. Precisely manufactured and super easy to use. I would say it’s a must have for anyone that uses a vacuum. Thanks VacHook!

- Andy J.

Super convenient and quick ! I can’t believe no one had thought of this already. I love it!

- Laura H.

What a neat little tool ! No more fighting with string and hair in my vacuum ! So happy I found this.

- Ron P.

I never realized how easy cleaning my vacuum brush roller could be ! The Vac Hook saves me time and helps me take better care of my vacuum!

- Angie B


ONLY 19.99!

  • How do I use the VacHook® ?
    Push, Pull, Cut! It's That Easy! No vacuum disassembly required! Push under wrapped hair on roller brush Pull opposite way to cut Turn brush half a turn and push under hair Pull again and cut hair is pulled off roller brush
  • Will the VacHook® break on me?
    The VacHook® is made of high-quality stainless steel and is built to last cleaning after cleaning!
  • Why the VacHook®?
    The VacHook® is the only tool on the market built strong enough to last while saving you time and money, while keeping you safe from more dangerous methods of cleaning a vacuum roller bar!
More kind words for the VacHook® !

I love how easy and fast it is to use. I also love the price. All things considered it’s an unbeatable deal of a lifetime!

- Bailey F.

With three girls in the house with long hair, the Vac Hook has proved to be my go-to when my vacuum beater isn’t performing at it’s best and needs a good cleaning. I was surprised to see the incredible quality of the stainless steel. It’s obvious it was built to last. Worth every penny!

- Kristy C.

The Vac Hook is so simple and easy to use! We were able to avoid the cost of replacing our vacuum by using this tool to restore it back to cleaning the carpets like a brand new brush!

- Jordan J.

We have lots of hair at our house!! Long hair, dog hair and carpet fiber!! The Vac Hook was amazing! It cleaned all the hair out of our vacuum so easily and quickly. It is very strong and durable and easily got our vacuum in top running order again. Thanks Vac Hook!

- Shelley B.

I was immediately surprised by the quality of the Vac Hook ! It was heavy and well built. I have found other uses for it as well such as opening box packages I receive in the mail. Works out great since I have 3 kids and a dog at home! I wish I had a magnet so I could put it on the fridge so I didn’t have to rummage through my junk drawer to find it all the time! Plus it looks cool and could be a talking point/display!

- Tiana F.


ONLY 19.99!

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